Tuesday, July 16, 2013

■ Moving to tumblr

After creating the new site, I've finally decided to move all my things to tumblr.
blog, news, gallery and all I have in this life is now on tumblr.

I've been more and more busy each day and I need things easy to customize and update. All that old and fancy flash sites are really boring to format and update, time-consuming, besides slowing.
The artworks didn't show up correctly, it's always blurred when using small screens and it's very annoying because I can't control your screen resolution or your browser :)

You can always visit my site on www.nathaliasuellen.com or www.ladysymphonia.com

Latest News: nathaliasuellenblog.tumblr.com

Monday, April 29, 2013

■ IEVA magazine, Interview and Mistake

I was invited by a lithuanian fashion magazine called IEVA this month to an interview 


They wrote a WRONG information about me. At the description they said I worked to Tim Burton and that's not true. I have no idea where they found out this information, however I think it's better to clarify that mistake in PUBLIC. 

*The interview is ok, nothing wrong. 

I just found out this mistake because a friend of mine translated the magazine. Full interview bellow.

Nathalia Suellen – 24 year old famous artist, CD cover, book and animation illustrator, *who created many animation projects with one of the most popular film director Tim Burton.* (MISTAKE) Nathalia‘s creation‘s like T. Burton‘s films stand out because of their surreal, mystic, dark and gothic world. In her works there are many ghosts, fantasy, shudder and concern causing scenes.  -  Svajūnė Marcinkevičienė

You were born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Tell us how was your childhood, what kind of family did you grow up in?
Probably it will sound banal, but I‘m sure I was a really strange child. I would lie if I said it differently. I was that kind of girl, who sat at her desk, during a boring math class, mostly drawing skeletons, monsters and long, stylish dresses. To be honest, I was always secluded, especially at school. I was one of the quietest and most humble, it‘s the reason why I always wanted to express myself so much. Certainly I wasn‘t doing it in a verbal way. Art for me has always been the biggest sanctuary and best friend. It was the main way to express my emotions and feelings, realise my fantasies. Just through art I found my way to become sociable, saying in other words – exist in this foreign world. Most people imagine brazilian women lying on the beach and sunbathing. I‘m sorry, I have to disappoint you – you won‘t see me there. Oh, unless looking for a mermaid on a cold night. What could I tell you about my family? The most important thing for me is that my family is understanding and supportive. Maybe it will sound like an anecdote, but we are the worst neighbors that can be. People probably see us like the „Addams family“.
What shaped your personality?
I really liked the fairy-tale „Beauty and the beast“. But I‘m still mad, that in the end of the story the beast turns into a charming prince. I always missed this part. (Laughing)
When did you realize, that your life‘s mission is to be an artist?
I never wanted or dreamed of becoming an artist. It doesn‘t depend on our willingness. You just are an artist and that‘s it. You give yourself up for creation work, you express yourself through art, and everytime – you do it with passion and love.
What is your favourite book?
The Bible.
Can you describe your own style?
Dark. Dramatic. Cinematic.
What was the reason of your choice to express yourself in this (surreal) kind of art?
I don‘t like reality, that‘s why I always try to look for more than we can usually see. In my opinion, reality is unstable and temporary, it‘s the reason why we shouldn‘t be attached to it. I believe an eternal and more beautiful world is waiting for us after death. I‘m sure, the way of my creation‘s  shows a much different side of humanity, than we are used to seeing. I mean inner worlds, fantasies, dreams, our consciousness.. Real, valuable art has to break down all forms of reality, it has to show all of the artist‘s fantasies, it has to force people to think, to free their feelings and emotions. Sadness is bliss. It‘s a feeling, that raises our heart and mind to bigger and brighter goals. The person becomes not so superficial, he becomes „deeper“ and much more sensitive. 
 Surrealism is what we call the „dark“ art. How do you understand this kind of art yourself?
I think the dark is something that we can‘t see clearly all the time, it‘s something we can‘t always understand, we just feel or perceive things. People see  it differently in their fantasies or dreams. Darkness is something unexplained. All of it is connected to obscurity.. And obscurity always intimidates, even scares us. It‘s really strange, but we always want to explore our fears, to find it‘s secrets.
You call yourself a self-taught artist. But maybe there was one person, or even a few, that you could call your teachers?
My only teachers – God and „Google“.
The theme of this magazine „Ieva“ is rituals. How does the creation process of your new art work? Maybe you have your own rituals?
The best time for starting my creations is at night, when I‘m alone, just with my cat and good music. My creation process starts from an idea in my dreams or fantasies. The dream has to be really clear and inspiring, so I could remember it the next day and put it into my work. When I have the view in my mind I do some sketches, models and if I need – 3D models. Working on book or CD covers, I start with talking to my customers about their needs and wishes. After that, I consider different ideas of my own and suggest them to my customers. Of course only in that case if I think they‘re better and can express the idea much clearly. My creations are made of photography, drawings and 3D. First of all I start with photography, then I paint and after that – I make a 3D view.
You do photography, paint and make 3D models. Which of these methods is the easiest and the most interesting for you?
I don‘t even know.. I‘m used to working with all of these methods. But if I needed to pick up just one, I would choose – photography, because it‘s the main part of my work.
Is music important for you at work? What kind of music inspires you?
It‘s really important for me. I like different soundtracks, powerful music. I can say it‘s an integral part of my work, because it makes me feel free and helps me to relax.
Do you have a list of your favourite books and films?
I don‘t try to keep things I liked and things I didn‘t in my head. I just watch films, and the good ones make me kindly surprised or ispire me.
Do you like horror movies?
I like them, but not too much. I like intelligent films with some horror elements. Sometimes I get goose bumps, but that‘s it.
What is fashion for you? Are you interested in new collections etc.?
Fashion is something you can learn from, but you shouldn‘t follow it desperately. In my opinion everyone should have his own style and cherish it, otherwise we would lose our individuality. I like fashion but I don‘t seek it like I‘m crazy. I look  the way I want. We should understand that fashion trends come and go, but our individuality stays forever.
Do you often buy clothes and shoes?
Of course yes. I adore jewelry: various massive rings, big earrings. In short – I like different, non-standart, thorny and rough stuff. I like to create clothes of my own. I think of a theme and then I try to harmonize my clothes with the ones I‘ve bought.
Do you like dreaming? What do you dream about nowadays?
The best dreams are spontaneous. My dream is to live my dream all the time. I don‘t plan my life with detail. I just live it.
It‘s really interesting for us – what do you think about love? Are you in love?
Love is a choice, and passion is a feeling. To honor others, to help people who need it, to forgive if they ask – it‘s our calling  and duty on this Earth. Everyone should learn how to show love, even for their enemies. We have to love others the same way we love our families and ourselves. This feeling doesn‘t come easily... It‘s our goal. It‘s the exact meaning of love for me. Of course I talk about love in a broad sense. But if we are talking about love between man and woman – yes, I‘m in love, but still single!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

■ Dark Moor, Album art

New Dark Moor album, "Ars Musica" -  www.dark-moor.com

Saturday, April 06, 2013

■ Black and Blue, Gena Showalter Book Reveal

Another work to Simon and Schuster NY, (I finally can reveal the cover art.)
 **New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter's new book called "Black and Blue".

This was my very first version but the art was cropped by the company.
Water-dress was my idea, glad it was accepted and hope you like :)