Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rip Off, Harper Collins Publishing

The story starts with Harper Collins inviting me to create a cover to Bewitching. They wanted something similar with "City of Angels". I remember I had refused it because this artwork had been already sold to another book and also because of my personal opinion about the theme. However it looks like they got angry with me and decided to copy my artwork. I have just received an email from LK RIGEL asking If I had sold my artwork "City of Angels". And sure I said no. I got crazy checking out the link she sent me. [link]

Rif Off, part II

First of all I want to thank everyone who is helping me to spread it out. I'm receiving many emails about it, magazines, interviews, newspapers and it's very nice to know a great public is supporting me. Copyright lawyers are contacting me, from New york, Brazil, everywhere and we are discussing what can be done about it. I'm glad to see lawyers showing interested about it. Who is reading everything since the beginning know what I'm talking about. And, the going situation is how the company is dealing with it. They didn't even contact me.

Yesterday, after the well known boingboing website and post an article about the rip off, Harper Collins removed the covers from amazon, goodreads and the publisher's website. They behave like if nothing had happened. Someone said that I should contact the author but this morning I had a great disappointment when reading her blog post.

She says: "Bewitching cover is a work-in-progress"

The company wasted her precious time to copy my artwork, publish it anywhere and now say it's a work-in-process. - copy-in-process maybe. 

Harper Collins cowardly removed the old cover and right now is creating a totaly new cover to Bewitching. - Very smart.

and she says more:
Similarities do happen.  Recently, two children's novels were published with virtually identical covers.Two friends of mine had novels in the same season with stock photos which were, if not identical, at least of the same model in the same photo shoot.

Does she knows or is she just pretending?
4 months ago HC contacted me about the SAME cover. Offered me a good bugdet to licence City of Angels to Bewitching's cover. I REFUSED the proposal because the art was already sold to RIGEL's book.
What happens? 4 months later they copy my art just because I refused their proposal. So like, go and do the same art even though she doesn't want to licence her art.

and now the author says it was just a STOCK PROBLEM? a coincidence?
Dear Alex Flinn, read what happened before write a nonsense blog post about that.

Similarities do not happen if someone from Harper Collins contact YOU about the same art and same book few months ago! It's not a coincidence at all.

and the post finish with one-comment-only in her blog:

"You are the classy one. It would be so easy for a big corporation like Harper Collins to figure an unknown like me and a foreign artist like Nathalia Suellen can be ignored and just go on with the beautiful cover."

Easy to a big company piss off a unknown foreign artist. Forget her and go on with the cover.

 Rif Off, part III

So now that the dust has settled, the company contacted me and the art director had to left the company. She contact me through e-mail apologizing. I'm trying to private her name as she asked because I really don't want to damage anyone. The company agreed to remove the cover and that's all for now.

I'm talking with some friends, art directors and journalists around the world , it's everybody kinda shocked, my lawyer is fixing up the whole situation for me and advising me about the next step. I will let you know when it ends.

I just want to say thank you all and to clarify that I want to be "in peace" with the company after all. I understand that they can't control all their employers but even so I'm feeling very pissed off.

...It's has been very very stressful days. 

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